Chicago Fire Restaurant's Sacramento - Pizza, Salad, Wings and Bar- Interior Photo of Folsom Chicago Fire

I love Chicago Pizza! The concept of this restaurant was born of the desire to enjoy the wonderful flavors and textures unique to Chicago Pizza myself, and also to share them with others. Researching Chicago Pizza and what makes it so special is somewhat of an obsession with me. I started making pizza after my wife Tami and I moved to California from the Chicago suburb of Palatine, Illinois in 1986. This research is ongoing with trips to Chicago to taste pizza, interview restaurant owners and employees, meet with specialty food purveyors, as well as conduct a fair amount of corporate espionage. (Dumpster Diving). Anyway, I have gone to great lengths to make sure that the recipes, ingredients, equipment, and processes used here at Chicago Fire are in keeping with the way great pizza is made in Chicago.

I believe that you are about to experience the most intensely researched Chicago Pizza outside of Chicago, Illinois. Enjoy!

~Eric Schnetz


THE tribute to Chicago pizza.